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Trying to Make Sense of it All

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Trying to Make Sense of it All Video

Construction site.jpg

At first the amount of information in bible prophecy can seem daunting but actually some of the basics aren’t that hard. It’s like coming to a building site and trying to work out where to start and where things go. 


Fortunately we have great teachers from the past who have gone before us and done a lot of the work already. Some things are easy to understand, some things are harder and some things are still not understood.


The next illustration is my attempt to show what some of the issues are in looking for patterns in the bible. It will make more sense if you watch the video for this page.

Trying to make sense of it all.jpg

 I know this all begs a lot of questions and the site tries to answer some of them. For example:


  • How long is a year in the bible?

  • Why don’t calendar years match up with bible prophecy years?

  • Why haven’t the first six thousand years of creation ended yet?

  • Why can’t we fit it all together neatly?

  • What is next on God’s timeline?


There are many more questions to be answered. I hope we can try to work out some of the answers together.

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