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Current Events Update

As current events in the world are moving so fast I have decide to occasionally add a current events update video to try and set events in the context of bible prophecy

Update 9. 15th June 2024. The Authorised Version, also know as the King James Version, is the perfect bible

Update 8. Current Events Update 27th January 2024

Update 7. December 2023. How Archbishop James Ussher Helps us Understand Current Events

Update 6. November 23rd 2023. How God Deals with his Enemies

Update 5. 1st November 2023. How Light for the Last Days by Henry Grattan Guinness helps us understand what is happening in Israel today

Update 4. 9th October 2023. Israel at War

Update 3. August 2023. Great Britain is Tarshish

Update 2. April 2023. The Coronation of King Charles III

Update 1. November 2022. Putin's Invasion of Ukraine

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