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About Me


I am a Christian, living in the south west of England, who has worked in the area of mental health for many years. I am not an academic or expert of any sort. I first prayed a commitment prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ at a Billy Graham evangelistic meeting held at Ashton Gate stadium in Bristol, England, in 1984. I did not immediately link into a local church and it was only two years later that a friend took me to a House Church in Bristol where I truly discovered the love of the Father and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Since that time I have been working in the areas of mental health, addiction and homelessness. However since getting saved I have had a desire to understand God's word and I have had a particular interest in bible prophecy and chronology. Now that I am approaching retirement I am working less hours and have time to produce this website. My hope is that it will publicise the work of some writers who are not so well remembered and kindle an interest in bible prophecy.

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