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Plan of Time

Plan of Time Video

On the principle that no one gets it all right it is safe to attempt to construct your own prophetic chronology using the insights gained by those who have gone before you. In fact this is the best way to grow in wisdom and understanding on this matter. Reading someone else's work can be hard going especially if there are a lot of digressions, footnotes and references to other works. However if you make your own charts and time plans based on the bible you do not have to follow someone else's reasoning. It just has to make sense to you.

This is one reason that I have included a section on spiritual principles. Probably the most important thing is to study prophecy in a spirit of humility knowing that we can only know what God reveals to us and even then we can only know in part. Below is an example of how a prophetic chart can be constructed using the principles outlined on this site.

Obviously this chart is not the final answer. It is based on a certain amount of opinion and conjecture. It's given as an illustration of how you can start working on a prophetic timeline yourself to deepen your understanding of God's purposes. The Calendar Dates will not at first make sense because they include some unreckoned years (years that are not recognised by God) whereas the Bible Years do not include them. You can see the web pages on "The Jubilee Cycle" and "Sir Edward Denny" for more information on unreckoned years.

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