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Anderson, Robert. The Coming Prince. London. 1895. My edition is the 10th edition published by James Nisbet and Co. in 1915

Denny, Edward. The Seventy Weeks of Daniel. Companion To Two Prophetical Charts. James Nisbet and Co. London. 1849. My copy is a facsimile purchased from CCF Tapes, Bognor Regis. 

Guinness, H. Grattan. Light For The Last Days. Morgan and Scott Ltd. 1917. My edition is the fifth impression of the first edition published in 1918.

Guinness, H.Grattan. The Approaching End Of The Age. Hodder and Stoughton. 1878. My edition is the fifth edition published in 1880.

Hoehner, Harold W. Chronological Aspects Of The Life Of Christ. Zondervan 1977. Originally published by  Dallas Theological Seminary in 1973.

Lindsey, Hal. The Late Great Planet Earth. Zondervan 1970.

Ussher, Bishop James. The Annals Of The World. English translation from Latin published in 1658. I do not own a copy of this work but a free download is available at: -

Ware, A.E. and Associates. The World In Liquidation. Simpkin Marshall. Published 1953. My edition published 1964.

Johnson, Ken. The End-Times By The Ancient Church Fathers. Printed by Amazon.2016.


  • All pictures are from the Public Domain

  • Other photos are taken by myself

  • Charts are created by myself

  • "The Week That Changed the World" video by permission of the Hal Lindsey Report.

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